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Ionic Zinc 60ml

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Nanowell Ionic Zinc 60ml

  • Improving Immunity*
  • Growth & Development*
  • Natural Anti-Oxidant*

Ionic Zinc
Death from nutrient deficiency of the immune system is a horrible and stupid way to die.

“Nutritional deficiencies may be the most common cause of secondary immunodeficiency status in humans” (Chandra and Newberne 1977, Endre et al. 1990).

Data clearly demonstrates that immune integrity is tightly linked to Zinc (ion) status.

“Additionally, there is substantial evidence that Zinc (ion) supplementation may well reduce the impact of many of the illnesses by preventing the dismantling of the immune system.” (From an outside study)

Still taking minerals in milligram?

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) used as a standard for food or dietary supplements creates really huge problem by considering all of the mechanism of action is the same.

It is because of the lack of proper understandings of how a substance actually works in the body and how it can improve health.

In particular, understanding how minerals work has a huge impact on maintaining, increasing or decreasing an individual’s daily health.

The recommended intake is usually defined in terms of weight, for example milligrams (mg), but minerals should be in ionic units. Minerals can’t be used in the human body unless they are ionized. Because it must go through the ion channels of cells.

The ionization of a mineral means that the mineral’s activity increases to its maximum and is in immediate use.

Zinc Deficiency and Benefits

Words are very powerful especially when describing the dismantling of the immune system.

Most people don’t realize the impact of Zinc Ions in their life or the lack thereof.

Zinc (ions) is found in cells throughout the body. It is needed for the body’s defensive (immune) system to properly work. It plays a role in cell division, cell growth, wound healing, and the breakdown of carbohydrates.

“In our studies in an experimental human model of Zinc deficiency, we documented decreased serum testosterone level, oligospermia, severe immune dysfunctions mainly affecting T helper cells, hyperammonemia, neurosensory disorders, and
decreased lean body mass.” (From an outside study)

“It appears that Zinc deficiency is prevalent in the developing world and as many as two billion subjects may be growth retarded due to Zinc deficiency. Besides growth retardation and immune dysfunctions, cognitive impairment due to Zinc deficiency also has been reported recently.” (From an outside study)

The human body needs several kinds of energy.
Getting proper kinds of energies that you need is essential to make your body system working effectively.

When the human body meets zinc, what we want from our body is the energy that zinc produces, not zinc itself.

Studies on the importance of zinc

There was an ongoing study on the value of taking zinc supplements. The study continues to prove its importance as a supplement for health, especially with regard to the immune system.

In the United States, many people take zinc as a supplement, and those who are lack of zinc or do not take zinc supplements feel uncomfortable when they take zinc supplements, such as stomach upset or dry mouth.

There is also a misconception that zinc supplements are taken only when you have a cold. However, zinc is very important for maintaining your immune system and should be taken regularly.

Therefore, the need for zinc supplements is important for a strong immune system, and one should understand that people need to take zinc daily.

The American Society for Nutritional Sciences
The importance of zinc on a healthy immune system is described in an article titled “Zinc Status in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection” in 2000, entitled “American Society for Nutrition.” The outline is “there is substantial evidence to support the important role of zinc in the immune process.” “Proper zinc is essential for T cell division.

Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cells or white blood cells that are basically divided into two large groups and a null group. B lymphocytes produce antibodies in the body’s immune system, T lymphocytes participate in null groups and cell-mediated immune responses, including natural killer cells and cytotoxic cells, which are involved in innate immune responses.

Enzyme and Zinc
Zinc is included in the group of “100 most important enzymes”. It helps metabolize proteins and carbohydrates, produce insulin and strengthen the immune system.

Reduced risk of cancer
Zinc is not a cure for cancer, but it can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.
This is because the mineral is involved in the replication of cells. Zinc deficiency can lead to tumor formation. In addition, because it is involved in the immune system, it also has the function of removing harmful cells.

Arterial protection
Some people with high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in their blood should take zinc-rich foods to keep their arteries clean.
It is also recommended for patients with heart attacks or other cardiovascular problems.

Improve hair, skin and nail health
Not only it helps healing wounds faster, it is also involved in the development and strengthening of the skin.
Zinc deficiency can cause skin to peel off, or cause psoriasis or frequent bruising (or long periods of time to disappear), acne and eczema. In the absence or lack of zinc, premature aging of the skin and herpes simplex can recur.

Zinc Deficiency
⦁ frequent colds and flu
⦁ Continuous fatigue
⦁ Children’s Growth and Development Problems
⦁ A sudden change in mood
⦁ Learning problems and low academic achievement
⦁ Reduced memory
⦁ Acne
⦁ vision problems
⦁ Memory problems
⦁ The problem of sight, smell and taste
⦁ White parts of the nail (it’s an unfathomable signal)

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
In a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2002, “Zinc deficiency was identified in adult patients with sickle cell disease.

Sickle cell disease is a group of disorders that affects hemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells throughout the body. People with this disorder have atypical hemoglobin molecules called hemoglobin S, which can distort red blood cells into a sickle, or crescent shape.

Zinc and Prostate Health
In 2005, the “Linus Pauling Institute” reported the importance of zinc in the study of adequate zinc level and prostate health.

Zinc and Reproductive Function
An article in December 16, 1998, “Molecular Human Reproduction,” demonstrates the importance of having adequate levels of zinc in the human body for long-term health.

In this clinical study, it is perfectly revealed that adequate zinc levels increase spermatogenesis, a life-sustaining activity, while zinc deficiency leads to insufficient development of secondary sexual characteristics.

In addition, very high levels of zinc have been found to inhibit oxygen uptake in sperm cells. Therefore, the older it is, the more important it is for men and women to get adequate zinc.

Phospholipids of sperm plasma membranes are very sensitive to lipid peroxidation because of the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids represented by their acyl residues. In this case, oxygen is the enemy.

Ingestion during pregnancy
There was an opportunity to discuss the difficulties of ingesting zinc in pregnant women. According to the BabyCenter® Medical Advisory Board, which consists of more than 25 doctors, zinc is needed for a variety of functions, including repairs during pregnancy, DNA function, and rapid cell growth.

Zinc and Child Immunity
Zinc supplements can improve the immune system of a child and prevent death from diarrhea and other infections.

Use for Pediatrics
Due to the flexible nature of our zinc ions, one drop can be administered at a time. This flexibility is around 0.20 mg per dose of the liquid zinc complex. This small amount can be used in the most sensitive cases of zinc supplements.

What is the most important source of zinc?

Fish, Oysters, Shellfish, Intestines (especially liver), Meat
Nuts, Seeds (Pumpkin, Sesame)
Malt and cereal (brown rice, oats, rye)
Legumes (chicken beans, lentils)
Bee pollen
Leaf vegetables (lettuce, spinach, chopped cabbage)

Direction of Use: Shake well.  Using the dropper, take 2 of 1/2 droppers and mix the Earth Elements Nano Ionic Zinc into 3-5 oz of pure water.  Drink mixture.  The Earth Elements Zinc Ions have a very high absorption rate allowing full utilization of Zinc by the body cells.  During cold & flu season, can be used 2-3 times per day for maximum effectiveness. Refrigeration not necessary.

AttentionDo not take ionic Magnesium or Amazing Ionized CalMag at the same time. The reason is the product design is meant to be highly efficient. By taking both the zinc and magnesium together is, one will have higher affinity for what is called ionic crowding. Which means the critical ions will have less of a chance to be utilized independently and thus be less active due to the electric charge being minimized by the individual product. The utilization of different ions that are competitive causes the ionic crowding whereas the synergistic products allow for increased efficiency.

Caution: Keep this product out of reach of children. If you are pregnant or nursing, taking medicine or in medical condition please consult your physician before using this product.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ionic Zinc 60ml

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