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[Premium Quality Nutritional Supplements Online]-Nanowell®
[Premium Quality Nutritional Supplements Online]-Nanowell®

3 Bottles of HemSaver (270 Capsules)

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Nanowell HemSaver 90 Capsule

Oriental Herbal Medicine Formula for Hemorrhoids Health. (90 capsules)

  • Aids in various hemorrhoids symptoms
  • Quickly relieves the pain and discomfort related to hemorrhoids in the first few hours!
  • Gets rid of most hemorrhoids within 3 days!
  • Recommended by doctors and health professionals!
  • Promote blood circulation

Ease your Hemorrhoids problems in 7 days!
A Perfect Hemorrhoids Solution – HemSaver™

What is Hemorrhoids?

The term hemorrhoids refers to a condition in which the veins around the anus or lower rectum are swollen and inflamed. It defines any disease occurring around anus such as piles, anal fistula, fissure, etc.*   The main cause of it has not been clearly defined yet; however, it is assumed that chronic constipation and congested blood caused by habitual sitting on the chair too long are main cause of it.*

Hemorrhoids is a symptom of such diseases as bleeding, pain, itching and protrusion caused by blood cell coagulation when normal blood vessels in and around anus becomes thin and stretched due to chronic stimulation. Hemorrhoids is both internal and external. When surface skin of anus is stretched, it is external hemorrhoids. And if inside of anus is stretched out of anus, it is internal hemorrhoids. Sometimes, both may occur simultaneously.*
If the scale of it is small, symptom may usually not be felt; nevertheless, exhaustion, stress and drinking can cause symptom of bleeding, pains or swelling, and it will eventually grow larger so that it comes out incrementing, it takes time to get it back or needs a hand to put it back.*
People generally misunderstand that hemorrhoids patient cannot escape from surgery; nonetheless, only less than 20-30% takes it. Unless the symptom is serious, conservative treatment is recommended. In order to prevent hemorrhoids, remaining in the restroom too long is not ideal. Avoiding constipation and diarrhea is also important Furthermore keep anus always clean. In order to maintain good blood circulation, taking shower or warm bath around hip area regularly would be helpful. It is also good to avoid drinking because drinking makes liver swell and it interferes blood circulation that cause hemorrhoids worse.
HemSaverTM is made of various Oriental Herbal Extracts that not only help relieving symptoms around anus but also help good blood circulation; therefore, it would be very helpful for your butt problems.   Proprietary blend HemSaverTM includes Radix Polygoni multiflori extract, Semen Persicae extract, Phellodendri extract, Flos Sophorae extract, Moutan Radicis extract, Radix Ophiopogonis extract.


Who needs HemSaver™?

  • Hemorrhoids (not big enough for operation)*
  • Infection around anus*
  • Anal pains, bleeding, itchiness*
  • Anal fissure*
  • Anal fistula (chronic stage)*
  • Constipation*

 Distinctive Features

  • It would take 4 to 5 days to feel the effect for your hemorrhoids and anus infection*
  • For anal fistula it would take 4 weeks to feel the effect*
  • Continue to take at least 3 months of intake recommended for better results.*
  • All Natural Herbal Ingredients for Hemorrhoids Problems

All Natural Herbal Ingredients for Hemorrhoids Problems

Radix Polygoni Multiflori Extract: Its common name is Fleeceflower root and in Chinese it is called Hé Shôu Wu. In Chinese medicine its functions are good to liver kidney, let hair black, strong bones and muscles efficacy, hemopoietic function, improve the immune function, fall hematic fat, resistance to atherosclerosis, protecting liver, anti-aging, influence endocrine function, such as embellish aperient bowel function.*

Semem Persicae Extract: In Chinese medicine it effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis drugs, also has benefits of treating broken blood stasis, Runzao slippery bowel, have ability to cure amenorrhoea, masses, Xuxue wandering arthritis, fever, malaria, traumatic injury, swelling, blood dry constipation.*

Flos Sophorae Extract: According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, sophora flowers are affiliated with the Liver and Large Intestine meridians, it’s good at clearing heat from the liver and large intestine, and from blood to stop bleeding, and cooling the liver to improve eyesight. Among the conditions sophora flower is used to treat are bleeding caused by hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, and headaches. Some practitioners use it to improve eyesight and help resolve the symptoms of conjunctivitis.*

Moutan Radicis Extract: According the Chinese medicine researchers its functions are removing heat from the blood, Promoting blood circulation and relieving blood stasis, protective effects of myocardial ischemia, while reducing myocardial oxygen consumption and antipyretic effects in treating mice fever caused by oral typhoid and paratyphoid vaccine. Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, inhibiting allergic

Radix Ophiopogonis Extract: In Chinese medicine its functions are Nourishing Yin, moistening the lung, tonifying the stomach, promoting the production of the body fluid, dispelling heat from the heart and relieving vexation.*

Phellodendri Extract: It is the bark of one of two species of Phellodendron tree: Phellodendron amurense or Phellodendron chinense. In Chinese medicine its functions are to remove damp heat quench fire, counteract toxicity and relieve consumptive fever. And Phellodendron bark is bitter in taste and cold in action. It reduces inflammation and dampness, especially from the lower parts of the body. It has broad-spectrum anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity. *


Proprietary HemSaver Blend 1,500 mg (**) Contains Radix Polygoni multiflori extract, Semem Persicae extract, Flos Sophorae extract, Moutan Radicis extract, Radix Ophiopogonis extract, Phellodendri extract

Take 3capsules daily on empty stomach.  But for the first time user please take 2 capsules 3 times daily until you feel comfortable with your hemorrhoids and them you can go to the maintenance course by reducing amount of taken.

Safety Information
If you are pregnant or in a medical condition please consult with your healthcare professional before taking this product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Ease Your Butt Problems with HemSaver!* This formula has been used by Oriental Medicine doctors to help people who has hemorrhoids conditions for decades.*


3 Bottles of HemSaver (270 Capsules)

$150.00 Regular price $180.00


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