Hairacles™ 90 Capsules

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Hairacles™ 90 Capsules

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  • Brand: nanowell

All Natural Herbal Solution for Hair Loss*

Hairacles is made of Oriental Medicinal herb extracts, such as Polygoni Muliflori, Semen Vaccariae, Ligustri Lucidi, Semen Coicis, Mori Fructus, Artemisiae Capillaris, Fructus Lycidi, Rhizoma Alismatis. These Oriental herbs have been used over 2000 years in Asia to take care of many kinds of conditions. Oriental herbs are known to be very safe to ingest orally, have virtually no side effects, and used to maintain healthy life.*

Stop! Hair-Loss & Baldness with an Oriental Medicinal Herb Solution Hairacles ™!

The Baldness is originated from a physical constitution
There are various theories regarding hair loss

  • Heredity
  • Hormone
  • Stress

All are accurate. However, the most critical reason is failure to notice the physical constitution that causes it. Who will be bald is defined, and a person of such is weak to overcome stress, and experience irregular secretion of hormone.  It may be regarded hereditary; then, to say that baldness is hereditary can mean that a child should be born bald. Physical constitution should be defined more than a large scope, and it refers to everything inherited; unchangeable bone, blood, characteristics and organ, etc. Therefore, any medicine for prevention of hair loss manufactured ignoring such a theory works temporarily, and the outcome is skeptical because it does not last long.
If parents (ancestors) are bald, their children have strong possibility to inherit the physical constitution to be bald. When this type of body rarely notice any defect while in a good health condition, hair loss occurs while getting older because of the influence of dietary habit, living environment, etc

Physical constitution getting hair loss is lmited to certain people only, and the only remedy to prevent it is by improving bodily constitution. Even if a person totally lost his hair, his hair can grow again out of his pores of skin once his physical constitution is improved.  Our body, that is, human organs such as nails, hair, skin, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, etc., do not function separately. Instead, they are organism maintaining close interaction with the five viscera and six entrails.
Hair loss will never stop and new hair will never grow only by nurturing hair, applying cream or consuming quality nutrition pill and food.
They are all for temporary treatment. The vivid reason why the entire hair growth product today bring fluffy hair is as a result of it. Hair loss is clearly derived from the unbalanced function of the live viscera and six entrails. Therefore, by balancing the function of them, physical constitution improves, the amount of hormone secretion become normal and returns the head skin to normal condition. As a result, hair will grow long and thick, and remains for a longer period.
For information, the head skin of baldness is shiny yellowish-red while the color of normal person’s head skin is creamy and while. This creamy and white colored healthy head skin is the base of new hair growth; improving of bodily constitution is essential. How long does it take to improve constitution it? Tt takes three months at least because it takes 100 days for a complete transfusion of a body. For a bald person who had if over ten years require 6 months, yet the color of head skin begins to show change within 3 months.
Because Hairacles™ made of completely natural herb, including Radix Polygoni Multiflori extract, Fructus Ligustri Lucidi extract, Furctus Mori extract, Furctus Lycidi extract, Semen Vaccariae extract, Semen Coicis extract, Herba Artemisiae Capillaris extract, Rhizoma Alismatis extract, etc. there is virtually no side-affect. Therefore, the longer you take it, the healthier condition you will anticipate.

Women’s hair loss?

Losing hair does not occur only to certain people, but it occurs to anyone regardless of gender, race and skin color. This symptom is neither a serious disease nor shame 30% of working women in England have experienced loss of hair and 30% of customers in professional hair salon are actually women.

Reasons for women’s losing hair area follows:

  • Depilation doesn’t limit to men.
    As losing hair becomes a major problem to many distressed women in the modern society, and they are looking for professional help. Why are such women increasing? Women’s losing hair has grown rapidly for last 20 years. Experts say that the feminine loss of hair is due to the unbalancing of hormone, shortage of red blood cells, unhealthy eating and menopause. Feminine loss of hair tends to develop predominately from the crown of the head or front side of the head, as hair in these areas gets sparse. However, women rarely experience complete hair loss.
  • Stress
    The necessities of women’s participation for work force today grew larger today. Such involvement in our technology today cause more stress to women in the working place. Stress is the major factor that accelerates depilation. Fortunately, there is a possible way to restrain depilation from developing.
  • Pregnancy, delivery, and the Climacteric
    When the transition in hormone secretion such as pregnancy, delivery or the climacteric takes place, pollution, change in diet or stress often invites depilation. However, these problems are temporary, and consulting with professionals will find a way to alleviate stress and reinforce the root of your hair.
  • Extensive use of styling product
    Overuse of styling product, pulling hair hard, and excessive heat on hair while drying accelerates depilation. Damaged head skin conceals its symptom from a form of depilation.
  • Diet
    A zeal to have nice appearance leads a number of women forfeit their health to lose weight. Because skipping meal is the predominant diet to lose weight to most women, lack of nutrition’s needed for healthy hair generates depilation.

Why do women lose more hair after delivery?

When pregnant, woman notices slow growth of hair in body. In other words, normally she is supposed to lose 30 to 70 hairs per day after the resting period, yet much less hair loss occurs. This is due to change of hormone during pregnancy. After delivery of baby, hairs that delayed growth merge into degeneration and resting period.
Eventually, during 2 to 4 months after delivery, twice as much hair loss occurs than that of normal period. This condition will return to normal alter about 5 months during which period, hair, which stopped growth and complete loss, occurred. But, without serious health care, or because of stress experiencing out of child care or work, hair growth may delay and it will take more time to return to normal condition. In certain worst cases, hair growth will never activate. Those who are worried about hair loss or experienced thinner hair should take nanowell® HairaclesTM, and it is important to maintain root of a hair firmly.

What is the Effects of Hairacles™?

Numbers of fallen hair are decreased after an average of 4 weeks. Pre-existing hairs become thicker around 2 months, after taking HairaclesTM, you may notice a strange feeling on your scalp, (ex, itchiness, tightness, soreness). Since the amount of hair growth varies among individual, we recommend you take HairaclesTM for 3 continuous months in order to see significant results.
If you have a long history (over 10 years) of baldness, we recommend you lake Hair-Back for six months to see new hair growth. By significant results, we mean that other people can notice your hair growth. New hairs are fluffy, tiny, and have their own natural color. These hairs will grow into your normal hairs.
New tiny hairs are noted after an average of 3 months. To confirm, it is recommended to take a picture every month and have others look at your hair once a month. While you are taking it, the color of scalp will be changed from yellowish-red milky-white which is the color of normal healthy scalps, if you stop taking it before the color of scalp turns milky-white, you may lose your new grown hairs. This is because only a milky-while scalp can keep hair roots alive for a long period of time. But after your scalp has transformed to a healthy scalp, the change is long-term. After this point you will be able to maintain your new hairs by taking Hair-Back 1-2 times per year.

Who needs Hairacles™?

Bald Headed People, Women who have hair loss problem, Early stage of hair loss problem even teenagers, People who have hair loss due to stress.

Direction: Take 3 capsules daily on empty stomach. For optimal results please consider to take 2 capsules three (3) times daily. This product is recommended to take for at least 3 months. 

Caution: Because Hairacles made out of completely natural herb, there is virtually no side-affect, therefore, the longer you take it, the healthier condition you will anticipate. However, people with pregnancy, children, and people with bleeding conditions are discouraged to take it. Haircles may increase blood pressure slightly when you start taking it. When it lasts please reduce the amount of taken or stop taking this product. This product is not applied for a person who is pregnant or has bleeding problem / has hyperthyroidism/ has high blood pressure (over 180 without Med). If you have chronic disease or have high warmth. Please consult with doctor before faking it.*

For the best results, avoid taking raw carrots, peanuts, extremely cold drinks, ice-cream, liquor, smoking, and products containing lots of sugar. Sound sleep is essential, and must sleep between 11 pm to 3 am. While you catch a cold and/or during period stop taking this product temporarily. Resume taking it 6 months after delivery of baby, with iron product.*

*NOTE: Regardless of how our products may be used in other countries, or anything that you may have heard or read about Nanowell products, under FDA law in the United States it is illegal for a manufacturer to make any medical claims for health supplements. None of the products offered for sale on our website or direct to retail consumers are intended to be used in the treatment or mitigation of any disease state. All statements made by True Nutrition Company are intended for informational purposes only. The statements made here have not been evaluated by the FDA, and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Health decisions are much too important to be made without the advice of a health care professional. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your health care professional prior to using any health supplement product.


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