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4 Bottles of Sean Lee's iBone Cal Mag (480 Vegetable Capsules)

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4 Bottles of Sean Lee's iBone Cal Mag 120 Vegetable Capsules


  • Consists 4 bottles of 120 (total 480) capsules of Amazing Ionized CalMag (4 months supply)
  • No.1 Bone Density Formula Available on the market*
  • 99.99% Absorption Rate
  • Ionized Calcium & Magnesium

Types of Nanowell® Ionized Cal/Mag™ Complex

Amazing Ionized Cal Mag is available in powder stick and capsule form.


Ionized Cal Mag Powder Stick

Ionized Cal Mag Capsule

Osteoporosis or Seniors






Young Adults (19 – 40)



Teenagers (10 – 18)



Youth (6 – 9)





Recommended Use

Capsule: Take 2 capsules twice daily with 6 ounces of water. Each capsule contains 600mg of Amazing Ionized Cal Mag Powder. Taking 4 capsules daily is equivalent to 2.4 grams.

*For children taking this product, take 600mg per 15kg of body weight.

We recommend customers who suffer from osteoporosis to take the powder form products for highest absorbency.

Calcium gluconate, Magnesium carbonate, Apple cider vinegar

CAUTION: If you are pregnant or in a medical condition, please consult with your healthcare professional before taking this product. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. If you take this product in capsule form, please take it with sufficient water (6oz) for better absorption.

What is the uniqueness of the product?

Amazing Ionized Cal Mag products are one of the highest absorption available on the market today. It is completely diluted in water and it is ionized before taking the product.

The images show that the product is so special than any other products.

Major Roles of Calcium Ions

  1. Strong Bones & Teeth
  2. Muscle contraction
  3. Information Delivery in Nervous Systems
  4. Immune System Trigger in Wound Healing

    What can you expect with this product?
  1. High Bioavailability
  2. Increases Bone Density
  3. Leg Cramp Relief
  4. Muscle Relaxation
  5. Good Night Rest


Preventing Osteoporosis

- there is an Uncomfortable Truth about Calcium Absorption, you may not know of

Did you know minerals are absorbed only through ion channels within cells?

That is why it’s very important to know the mechanism for mineral absorption within the human body. The truth is minerals are absorbed more efficiently when they are in ionized form.

Never heard of ion channels?

Dr. Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann were awarded 1991 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for their discoveries on the function of single ion channels in cells.” 

However, 30 years have passed since the discovery yet there are still not many mineral products that are easily ionized in the global market today. Thus most people have very little  to no understanding on significance of ionized minerals. 

How much can be absorbed?

It depends on how much it is ionized. The most important thing is taking a highly ionized minerals that can be highly absorbed. For example, if you are taking calcium supplement which is not easily ionized, most of the calcium you consume will not be absorbed into cells. 

Why Ionized Calcium is so important?

The absorption of minerals depend on how much it is ionized in our body. It is important to understand that the higher the ionization rate there is in our body, the higher the absorption rate happens. For example, if you are consuming a poorly amount of ionized calcium supplement, you may think that your calcium is absorbed into your cells but they don't. They go to waste.

The next thing to consider is the consumption ratio of calcium and magnesium. It is very crucial that the ratio of calcium to magnesium is 2:1 in order to ensure that calcium ions are not absorbed excessively into the cells and are safely absorbed. This is why we call them 'couple-minerals' as they shouldn't be apart from each other.

What does ion calcium do in the human body?

Calcium plays an important role in forming the bone structure in the human body. However, without calcium, all muscles of the human body (including the heart muscle), cannot contract without ionized calcium. In addition, calcium is a second neurotransmitter and plays a very important role in the communication of information in the human body. Calcium ions are also involved in apoptosis (DNA replication) and signals white cells when we are wounded.  

Don't get fooled anymore!!!

Most calcium supplements, regardless of their types or brands, take the form of calcium compounds. For example, if you have calcium carbonate, the product is a combination of calcium and carbolic acid. However, if you take these products as-is and you do not have the ability to separate and ionize them, the calcium supplements you eat will not be absorbed into the cells you need and will be released on your trip to the bathroom. 

This is the reason why most people that take calcium supplements regularly for many years still have worse bone density over time. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to consume minerals that ionize easily, especially for women in their 50s that go through menopause or other diseases. Otherwise you will lose money and time.

 If there is a calcium supplement you're taking right now, you should try this very simple experiment. Take your calcium compound and crush it into powder and try to dissolve it in water. If your water is not clear as your original water, it means it did not melt completely. And if they did not completely break down, or if there are sediments or suspended solids, the product is not properly ionized. 

What are Good Calcium Supplements and How You Can Find out?

The most important consideration when choosing a calcium supplement is ionization. This is because unionized calcium cannot pass through the cell's calcium ion channel. The easiest way to check ionization is to crush/grind your product into powder and then dissolve it in a glass of water. As described above, it is difficult to say that the product is easily ionized unless it is completely dissolved in water.  

The next thing to consider is the ratio of calcium and magnesium. It is very important that the ratio of calcium to magnesium is about 2:1 in order to ensure that the calcium absorbed excessively into the cell and are safely absorbed for our body to use.

In conclusion, the best calcium supplement is a product with an easy ionization and a calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1. 

Gold Medal Award in 2007 INPEX


Amazing Ionized CalMag received a gold prize in the field of alternative medicine at the 23rd INPEX Fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2007. 


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

4 Bottles of Sean Lee's iBone Cal Mag (480 Vegetable Capsules)

$140.00 Regular price $216.00


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