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Q&A on Osteoporosis

Can I stop taking osteoporosis medication or injections?

As discussed in this book, osteoporosis medications or injections fundamentally interfere with the body's bone metabolism mechanism. Since bone cells cannot function properly without osteoclast action, it is evident that normal bone metabolism in the body cannot occur, leading to the inadequate formation of new bones.

The counterargument is that the goal of osteoporosis medication or injections is not to restore bone density but to prevent fractures. Therefore, even when using osteoporosis medication or injections, physicians often prescribe additional calcium or vitamin D supplements. This is because if the medication were a true cure, there would be no need for such prescriptions.

However, the reality is that third parties cannot dictate medical prescriptions. Despite this, I believe patients should carefully study and decide for themselves on these facts to truly restore bone density and achieve long-term health.

Do I have to take vitamin D?

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in transporting the calcium we consume to the bloodstream. Therefore, maintaining the concentration of vitamin D in the blood is as important as the supply of ionized calcium. It is crucial for individuals to regularly check their vitamin D levels and keep them within the range of 55 - 70 ng/mL.

My vitamin D level is 90, what should I do?

If your vitamin D level is around 70, taking around 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily is recommended. However, if it is around 90, you can discontinue vitamin D intake for about 2 months. Afterward, you can resume taking around 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily.

I walk 10,000 steps a day, why is my bone density not improving?

While walking is beneficial for overall health, it might not be sufficient for increasing bone density. Since all bones in the body do not move by their own force but rely on the strength of ligaments and muscles connected to each bone, enhancing these ligaments and muscles tends to positively impact bone density. Learning proper exercises to strengthen muscles, even without intense weight training, can help increase bone density more effectively.

Can I take IonCalMag while taking osteoporosis medication or injections?

I often receive this question, and each time, I feel the patient's lack of confidence and anxiety about not following the doctor's advice. However, one cannot blame these patients; rather, the responsibility lies in the medical system not providing complete information. Fortunately, human-made drugs do not seem to perfectly control the body's bone metabolism mechanism created by the Creator. If anxious, following such advice may be necessary, but my belief, based on two decades of experience, is that osteoporosis cannot be resolved with medication or injections.

How long should I take IonCalMag?

The answer depends on the individual. This question is influenced by a strong desire to quickly restore bone density. However, as mentioned at the beginning of this book, to rapidly restore bone density, patients need to address seven specific issues themselves. If these are gradually resolved, the direction towards the desired outcome may change faster than expected.

Is it better to consume a large amount of IonCalMag at once?

No. Safety must always be considered when taking supplements, including calcium supplements. Excessive concerns or negligence can be observed in people taking supplements. Just because it is a health supplement does not mean that more is better. Consideration should be given not only to concerns about calcium precipitation but also to the actual amount of calcium required for sustaining life and each individual's deficient calcium amount.

Based on our experience and scientific reflection over the past 20 years, the conclusion is that the maximum daily intake of IonCalMag should not exceed 500 mg of ionized calcium. As of September 2023, the recommended upper limit is consuming 2 sticks per day.

Who should take IonCalMag?

IonCalMag is recommended for individuals who, during a bone density test, have measurements of -2.8 or worse in two or more of the lumbar spine locations and 4-5 locations in the femur.

Should IonCalMag be dissolved in water?

IonCalMag is designed with a strong emphasis on ionization, as the name of the product suggests. While the product could be pre-ionized and provided to consumers, this would make it inconvenient for transportation and carrying due to excessive weight. Therefore, the chosen method is for consumers to ionize the product themselves.

The amount of water used varies from person to person, but as a general guideline, 240 - 500 ml of water for 1 stick of IonCalMag is appropriate. The water temperature should be around 40 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, IonCalMag usually dissolves completely within a minute, resulting in ionization.

Can other supplements or medications be taken with IonCalMag?

Most medications or supplements do not conflict with IonCalMag, so they can be taken together. However, products like ionized zinc or ionized magnesium should be consumed at least 10 minutes apart.

Can salt or MSM be added to IonCalMag water?

These substances can interfere with each other and hinder absorption, so it is not recommended to consume them together.

I am consuming brown rice vinegar, can I add it to IonCalMag?

If there are no stomach issues, adding a small amount of vinegar to IonCalMag dissolved in water should not be a problem.

Does IonCalMag have to be consumed hot?

No, it doesn't. The recommendation to use water at 40 degrees Celsius is only when dissolving IonCalMag. Once completely dissolved, it can be further diluted with cold water without any issues.

Is IonCalMag better in pill or powder form?

Both forms are entirely identical products. However, in terms of ionization, powder products have a significant advantage. Therefore, for individuals diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is better to consume the powder form.

I experience diarrhea after taking IonCalMag, what should I do?

This is usually indicative of poor stomach function. Fundamentally, stomach function improvement is necessary, but for immediate relief, consuming IonCalMag more diluted in water throughout the day usually resolves the issue.

My skin becomes itchy after taking IonCalMag, what should I do?

In such cases, it is likely that the individual has a very low mineral level in their body, resulting in a temporary shock. Those experiencing this reaction often need IonCalMag intake. Reducing the intake for a while or consuming it more diluted with water throughout the day usually resolves the issue.

I feel short of breath after taking IonCalMag, what should I do?

In cases like this, similar to the previous situation, it is likely that the individual has a very low mineral level in their body, leading to a temporary shock. Those experiencing this reaction often need IonCalMag intake. Reducing the intake for a while or consuming it more diluted with water throughout the day usually resolves the issue.

After taking IonCalMag, I can sleep well.

This is believed to be due to the balance of calcium and magnesium in IonCalMag. Such reactions are more common in people who consume two sticks per day.

My palpitations improved after taking IonCalMag.

Similar to the above, it is thought to be due to the balance of calcium and magnesium in IonCalMag. Such reactions are more common in people who consume two sticks per day.

I don't have cramps at night after taking IonCalMag.

Again, this is believed to be due to the balance of calcium and magnesium in IonCalMag. Such reactions are more common in people who consume two sticks per day.

My tinnitus and dizziness improved after taking IonCalMag.

Recent studies have suggested an association between osteoporosis and vertigo. People with osteoporosis are at a higher risk of developing vertigo. Therefore, it is speculated that when bone density increases, the size of calcium particles in the inner ear's vestibular system is restored, leading to an improvement in vertigo.

Regarding the improvement in tinnitus, it is not clearly understood how such results are achieved, but it is likely due to the organic activity of neurotransmitters becoming more efficient.

How should I take NanoWell's Vitamin D3, DK Solution, and ImmunoShield V3?

Category Vitamin D Content Vitamin K2 Purpose
Vitamin D3 2,000 IU None Vitamin D supplementation for individuals with Vitamin K2 sensitivity
DK Solution 2,000 IU 200 mcg Essential protocol product for combating Sean Lee's osteoporosis
ImmunoShield V3 4,000 IU 100 mcg Individuals with very low Vitamin D levels, compromised immune function


I diligently consumed Ion Cal-Mag, but my bone density worsened!

Often, when people complain about this for such reasons, I often want to ask them if they go to the hospital and complain to the doctors. I always say this, but if simply consuming Ion Cal-Mag could improve bone density, there would be no reason for me to write this book, and Dr. Henderson and I would be Nobel laureates.

Nothing comes easy in this world. As mentioned several times at the beginning of this book, it takes an effort to eliminate one by one the 7 reasons why bone density worsens. If you do that, you need to know your bone density specifically for each area, appropriate weight for yourself, your vitamin D blood concentration, total calcium concentration, ionized calcium concentration, exercises to strengthen ligaments and muscles supporting bones, stress management, and whether you are taking prescription medications that interfere with calcium absorption. It is necessary to check and practice these things meticulously.

Because if you don't know the condition of your body, you won't be able to determine the appropriate intake of Ion Cal-Mag and vitamin D, and you won't know how to adjust your diet and exercise habits.

What is the calcium and magnesium ratio in Ion Cal-Mag products?

The calcium and magnesium ratio is approximately 2:1.

I take 2 packs a day, but my stool hardens, and I have constipation. Please explain.

Don't drink Ion Cal-Mag solution all at once; instead, drink it throughout the day in small amounts instead of water. Also, try increasing the amount of water to twice the current amount.

Can I take K-Cleanse, Probiotics, Vitamin C, and Collagen along with Ion Cal-Mag?

It is recommended not to take neutral vitamin C with Ion Cal-Mag. However, purified vitamin C can be taken with Ion Cal-Mag and collagen. Take K-Cleanse after meals, and if you have bacterial hematuria, take 2 capsules twice a day after meals.

It's been a few days since I started drinking Ion Cal-Mag mixed with water, but it's difficult to finish it every day. Can I take the remaining amount with capsule products?

If your bone density test results are worse than -2.8, it's better for recovery to consume the powder form. If you choose to take capsule products, make sure to drink at least 200ml of water when taking the capsules. Over time, you'll get used to drinking the powder mixed with water. Some discomfort is necessary to endure in the effort to strengthen your bones again.


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